Over the years, I have delivered multiple talks, workshop and tutorials on various topics. I love to share as well as listen to the ideas and thoughts worth considering. if you'd like me to part of your conference, podcast, interviews please get in touch with me.

Python US Conference - 2022: Speed Up Data Access with Apache Arrow. Data is the new API ( YouTube Link )

Python US Conference - 2020: A Hitchhiker Guide To Black-Box Debugging- Saved by In-Mem NoSQL ( YouTube Link )

Python US Conference - 2019: Tutorial - Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn ( YouTube Link )

XP 2021: Feature Toggles & Trunk Based Development - HOW-To and HOW Not To

XP 2020: Beyond User Stories - Visual Requirement Specification for Modern Software Development

Agile Alliance US 2017 : Workshop on Test Driven Development

XP 2017, Germany : Workshop on Test Driven Development

Talks & Workshops in Multiple Global Scrum Alliance Conferences, details of which are available in their respective website

  • Global Scrum Gathering, Lisbon, Portugal, 2022

  • Global Scrum Gathering, Vienna, Austria 2019

  • Global Scrum Gathering, Austin, USA 2019

  • Global Scrum Gathering, Minneapolis, USA 2018

  • Global Scrum Gathering, Singapore, 2017

  • Global Scrum Gathering, Bengaluru, 2016

Talks & Workshops in other conferences and meetups

  • Functional Conf 2019 - Using C++ as a Functional Programming Language