Over the years, I have delivered multiple talks, workshop and tutorials on various topics. I love to share as well as listen to the ideas and thoughts worth considering. if you'd like me to part of your conference, podcast, interviews please get in touch with me.

This talk was given @ XP2021 - The Global XP Conference

This talk was about "Feature Toggles - How to and more importantly, How NOT to" - This talk was all about making people understand about Feature Toggles, what are they? and how to use them?

This talk also emphasizes on how NOT to u se Feature Toggles

This talk was given @ PyCon2020 - The Global Python Conference

This talk was about "Black Box Debugging" - How to add low footprint and encoded debug logs in the production code which drastically increases the chances of detecting the cause of a bug without requiring a recurrence with additional logs (read Debug Logs).

"Black Box Debugging" is a revolutionize the way to log and debug our code. Please see this video for more details

This tutorial was given @ PyCon2019 - The Global Python Conference

This tutorial was about "Machine Learning using scikit learn" - This tutorial was not intended to make you an expert in Machine Learning but will cover enough things to acquaint, enable and empower you to understand, explore and exploits the concept and idea behind it.

"Machine Learning with Scikit Learn" covers most of the supervised and unsupervised learning

This talk was given @ XP2020 - An Agile Alliance Conference

This tutorial was about "Beyond User Stories - Modern Software Requirements need a Visual Model of Representation" - This talk was about using a pictographic was of representing the requirements of the software development, we call it as CDP (Consume, Does, Produce)

You need to be an Agile Alliance member to see this talk but a similar talk is available in my CodeSports.ai YouTube Channel

Talks & Workshops in Multiple Global Scrum Alliance Conferences, details of which are available in their respective website

  • Global Scrum Gathering, Vienna, Austria 2019

  • Global Scrum Gathering, Austin, USA 2019

  • Global Scrum Gathering, Minneapolis, USA 2018

  • Global Scrum Gathering, Singapore, 2017

  • Global Scrum Gathering, Bengaluru, 2016

Talks & Workshops in Multiple Agile Alliance Conferences, details of which are available in their respective website

  • Agile 2020 - Scheduled to deliver a workshop - Cancelled because of COVID19

  • XP 2020 - Online,

  • XP2018, Porto, Portugal

  • Agile 2017, Orlando, USA

  • XP 2017, Cologne, Germany

Talks & Workshops in other conferences and meetups

  • Functional Conf 2019 - Using C++ as a Functional Programming Language