Who Am I ?

I'm Daksh (Deepak K Gupta), a vocal & social media savvy Techie with 22 years of experience in software development ecosystem in multiple technical & consultancy roles.  I continuously look into improving the way we work so that we can create quality software

Who I Do ?

I am currently utilizing my learnings to help organization(s) I'm associated with. I'm also a public speaker on tech topics and actively involved in creating an open source knowledge base about processes and coding techniques

Beyond Software Development

I'm a Tech YouTuber and Content Creator by hobby .  You can find me by clicking on the link above or by using my handle @AnInsightfulTechie

Tech Stacks / Databases I've Used to Create Awesome Software Products

Programming Languages & Libraries I've used to  create awesome product:  C++, Boost Library,Python, JavaScript, Java, Golang and Python Librarris like ScikitLearn, SciPy, Numpy, Pandas, Pytorch

Event & Data Streaming Ecosystem:  Apache Kafka, Apache Arrow, Apache Parquet, Sprintboot, uWSGI, celery et.al

Databases: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Apache Spark, MySQl, Apache Cassandra, Prometheus, Neo4J

My Expertise & Contribution to Software Development Processes and Practices 

Produce Visualization & Discovery:  Creator of Cockpit View Metaphor (CVM) Technique, which can be used for Product Representation & Product Discovery. 

Proponent of #LessEstimatesI recommend and Actively encourage people to use #lessestimates for estimating their  software development work

AnitPatterns of Product & Software Development:  I create various helper techniques which enable organizations to counter the Anti-Patterns of Product Design and Software Development

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