Ideate & Deliver High Performance Software

Adoption of Development Processes & Frameworks

Ideate, Innovate and Adopt Best Practices

Migrate to / Create Software

Programming is an art and quality products are created using craftsmanship where each and every step from ideation to deliver and deployment must be part of the well crafted flow.

I provide Consultancy, Advice and Training on the software's written using programming languages like Golang, Python , Java and C++. Reach out to me for more details.

Incorporate M.L and A.I

Allow Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to leverage your data bank and take your product to the next level with my help.

If you want to start your journey with machine learning or want to improve the existing algorithm or infrastructure, you can leverage my expertise in this area

Reach out to me for more details

Rational Product Development - Flow

We can write code to create awesome experience, but those experiences needs to be wrapped up a well thought product. The idea of Product Development from Ideation to delivery required a well oiled machine and this is something we usually miss or give relatively less importance

Allow me to help you in your product development and to create a rational product development flow for your organization. Reach out to me for more details

Process Frameworks & Best Practices

Being Agile is no longer an option but it must be imbibed into the DNA of each and every organizations.

I help organizations to adopt agile frameworks best suited for their work. I also provide certified and non-certified trainings on Agile Frameworks and methodologies

Reach out to me for more details