Who Am I ?

I'm a vocal & social media savvy Techie with 22 years of experience in software development ecosystem in roles ranging from Software Developer, Architect to Chief Technology Officer. My primary area of expertise are Software Development & Machine Learning

Who I Do ?

I am currently utilizing my learnings to help organization(s) as well as the overall software development ecosystem.

Beyond Software Development

I'm a Tech YouTuber and Content Creator by hobby.

Tech Stacks / Databases I've Used to Create Awesome Software Products

Programming Languages & Libraries I've used to create awesome product: C++, Boost Library,Python, JavaScript, Java, Golang and Python Librarris like ScikitLearn, SciPy, Numpy, Pandas, Pytorch

Event & Data Streaming Ecosystem: Apache Kafka, Apache Arrow, Apache Parquet, Sprintboot, uWSGI, celery et.al

Databases: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Apache Spark, MySQl, Apache Cassandra, Prometheus, Neo4J

My Expertise & Contribution to Software Development Processes and Practices ( the0thindex.com )

Produce Visualization & Discovery: Creator of Cockpit View Metaphor (CVM) Technique, which can be used for Product Representation & Product Discovery.

Proponent of #LessEstimates: I recommend and Actively encourage people to use #lessestimates for estimating their software development work

AnitPatterns of Product & Software Development: I create various helper techniques which enable organizations to counter the Anti-Patterns of Product Design and Software Development

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